January 2021 Officers’ Minutes

Ohio Association 4C’s Officer Meeting

January 13, 2021

Bob Evans, Wooster, Ohio

Secretary Report

The OA officers descended upon Bob Evans for a winter officer meeting.  Present:  John Hood, Moderator; David Dake, Jonathan Cheatham, and Donna Edsall, secretary.  Also special guest Lollie Cheatham. Excused:  David Kimberly and Steve Clifford.

The meeting opened with prayer.  The minutes of the last officers’ meeting from September 9, 2020, and the minutes of the Fall Meeting of October 27, 2020, were approved as read.

Jonathan Cheatham gave the treasurer’s report.  We have a balance of $2421, and discussed donating ten percent of that to Wes Blood’s mission, Wellspring.  We decided to ask the members their opinion at the Winter Banquet, which we then promptly canceled.

David Dake gave a brief summary of some of the churches that are receiving his pastoral oversight.  It was quite illuminating.

We decided to ask David Kimberly to look into less expensive liability insurance.  The insurance currently costs us $558.42.

David Kimberly gave an update on Barnabas with goals.  We think the cohort is a good idea and David is doing a good job.

We decided to ask Jeff Griffith what he wants the Ohio Association to do on his behalf.

The Fall Meeting at First Congregational church in Lodi went well.

Because of Covid, we decided that attendance would be sparse at the Winter Banquet and even though that would have meant more smoked pork butt for the rest of us, we decided to cancel the Winter Banquet, or at least postpone it for a year.  Someone will have to tell Tim Dubeau that we canceled the banquet.  It is absolutely not true that we canceled because we found out that Tim Dubeau was giving the speech again this year.

The Spring Meeting will be held on April 27, 2021, from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. at Pittsfield Community Church.  The speaker will be Phil Ross on the topic of “Sanctification—Growth in Christ.”  Phil and Stephanie Ross will perform the music.

Donna Edsall regaled the group with a Cautionary Tale about being mauled by a vicious cat and apologized to David Dake for forgetting to buy him cream sticks.  A fine time was had by all.

The meeting closed with prayer.

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