March 1 Winter Banquet

The CCCC Ohio Association Winter Banquet is scheduled for Friday, March 1, 6-9pm, at First Congregational Church, 114 Church St., Lodi, Ohio.

Our Vice Moderator, Ohio Regional Pastor, and chief chef, Rev. David Dake is hosting the Banquet and preparing a wonderful banquet for us.

Spirit-filled leader and musician, Rev. Jeff O’Guin will lead our worship.

Inspirational and gifted Rev. Brian Egelston will be our guest speaker and is presently seeking the Lord’s direction concerning the message for the evening.

The officers and I are praying for clear roads, pleasant weather, and your good health and participation for the evening.

Also, our Regional Pastor, Rev. Tim Dubeau, had open heart (5 by-pass) surgery February 1. According to his daughter’s journal messages on CaringBridge, he came through the surgery well and is out of ICU, is sitting up and taking nourishment as of today. His wife, Shirley, is also “stable”. This surgery came up quite suddenly. Your continued prayers for his recovery are appreciated.

I also am having a heart surgical procedure called a Transcatheter Aortic Valve Replacement (TAVR) at Riverside Hospital, Columbus, sometime this month-just waiting for the hospital to notify me of the date. It is fairly a low-risk rather simple procedure with short term recovery time (overnight) that will help my energy level. Your prayers are appreciated.

More details will be forthcoming soon about all of these matters. 

I would be helpful for our planning for the banquet if I could receive your email response one way or the other concerning your intent at least the week before.

Thank you and have a great time of worship tomorrow,

Dr. John Hood, Moderator

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