November 2023 Fall Meeting

Ohio Association Fall Meeting Minutes

November 1, 2023

9:30 a.m. to 2 p.m.

First Congregational Church of Lodi, Lodi, Ohio

Attendance:  20

In attendance were John Hood, R.J. Zupancich, David Dake, David Kimberly, Jonathan Cheatham, Donna Edsall, Brian Egleston,  Rae Maurer, Tom Maurer, Jim Marshall, Phil Ross, Stephanie Ross, Tom Cebull, Dayle Kiefer, Tim Prince, Wes Blood, Jonathan Arnold, Ted Flanagan, David Baines, and Sara Coons

An informal social time began the meeting as we ate donuts and introduced ourselves.  John Hood shared comments from members who were not able to attend this meeting, and reminded us that the Winter Banquet will be March 1 at the First Congregational church in Lodi, Ohio.

At 10:30 we adjourned to the Sanctuary.

Wes Blood opened the meeting with prayer.

Phil and Stephanie Ross led us in singing three hymns.

Phil Ross spoke on the topic of the Trinity, challenging our thinking, which raised questions and discussion. Phil said that a trinitarian God created a trinitarian world for a trinitarian people.  The Trinity is the foundational truth of the universe.  Phil’s inspiration was from a book written in 1869 by Emanuel V. Gerhart, reproduced in 2003 as part of a series:  Institutes of the Christian Region: The Mercersberg Perspective.

At lunch, we enjoyed grilled chicken, potatoes, and green beans, with pie for dessert.  A short business meeting followed.

Jonathan Cheatham gave the treasurers’ report.  We have $399 in our treasury.  Giving is down. 

David Kimberly reported on the Barnabas Ministry.  The Ohio Cohort has an opening.  The ABC Cohorts are not going to happen.  The MOU was approved, including appointment as co-director of the Ninevah Network Coalition for the 4C’s,  and will be signed by John Hood. The Barnabas coaching seminar was recommended for anyone seeking God’s direction as a group.

Wes Blood reported on the Wellspring mission.  He asked for prayer on learning how to reach Hindus.  He explained the Wellspring mission and shared anecdotes of foreign students exploring Christianity for the first time.

The meeting closed with prayer at 2 p.m.

Respectfully submitted by Donna Edsall, secretary.

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