Spring Meeting -2015

Thursday, April 30, 9am-3pm
at Salem Evangelical Church, Marion, OH.

At the Spring Meeting our Conference Minister, Dr. Ron Hamilton, will be present to talk with us about what is happening throughout the CCCC Conference, the vision of the Conference, its ministries, answering questions, and whatever the Lord directs him to share. We will also act on this opportunity during the Spring meeting. We put the meeting on a Thursday because a week day is better for most ministers.

I have been in prayer about this ministry and see it as an opportunity for our Ohio Association to minister to Dave and for him to minister to our pastors here in Ohio. Dave will raise his own funds. However, if any of our churches or individuals are led not only to pray for Dave, but also to give financial support, we will make that opportunity available.

Jeff Lord has agreed to receive and process any donations in a separate bank account using our 501(c)3 for tax purposes. For the next couple years Dave estimates that he will need to raise about $100,000 a year to support the ministry. This would include about $30,000 for airfare to foreign countries, $20,000 toward health insurance; and $50,000 for living expenses. He still has some income from teaching at Malone and in a few years will be receiving Social Security and his pension.

Dave is stepping out in faith, knowing that the Lord has called him to this Barnabas Ministry and He will bring it about. What we need to prayerfully discern is whether the Lord has chosen to use us in helping to initiate this ministry. Dave is also working with the international mission organization TEAM and will come under their outreach if he is accepted. He does not anticipate this occurring for a couple years. If and when that occurs, donations would be channeled through TEAM.

The Officers of the Association are making the attached proposal to our Ohio Association.

Ohio CCCC Officer’s Proposal to the Association

It is a new draft, so as we think and pray about it, and get your input, I suspect there may be other changes.


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