Encouragement & support for pastors

To date, as Barnabas Ministry Pastor for the Ohio Association, I have conducted 13 one-on-one surveys of 4C’s pastors, as an initial step towards offering support and encouragement for Ohio 4C’s and possibly other pastors.  One of the pastors asked me, “what are you finding so far?”  My first reply was: everyone has a story.  By that, I mean the pastors I have spent time with have a challenge or heartache that may draw emotional, spiritual and sometimes even physical energy from their ministries.  Like everyone, pastors need a safe place to express what is on their hearts and have someone pray for them.  My second reply was: as I hear first hand was God is doing in pastors’ and churches’ lives I am inspired!  When we lift Jesus up He is the one Who builds His church.  It is a blessing to hear what God is doing by His presence and power.  Therein lies our strength, hope, and ultimately our ministry.

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