Feb. 24 Banquet, May 3 Spring Meeting, & Aug. 9 Picnic

Dear Friends,

Ohio Association Winter Banquet February 24, 2023

Thirty-eight of our fellowship gathered for our Ohio Association Winter Banquet February 24, 2023 at Faith Community Church, Canton, Ohio. God blessed us with unusual warm weather allowing our speaker, Rev. Scott Nice, Vice President of our national CCCC Board of Directors and Pastor of Christ Reformed Church, Indian Creek, PA to safely travel along with his sister over the 6 hours of Interstate. Scott spoke of the miraculous work of the Holy Spirit revitalizing his life and his congregation. Following prayer and fasting and before Scott revealed his new directions and plans to the congregation, the Lord put in the hearts and minds of the congregation some of the very things he wanted to introduce.

We heard more inspiring work of the Holy Spirit from Rev. Jeff O’Guin, concerning the healing of his daughter, his prayer ministry in his congregation, LifeSpring Church, and his outreach in the community. Chaplain Rev. Gary Eno updated us on what God was doing at the Noble Correction Institution, Caldwell, OH. Instead of the “fighting prison” of years past, God has been transforming lives so that it is becoming known more as “an educational prison”. He has a large class of prisoners who have been regenerated and have studied to become chaplain assistants in various other prisons. Rev. Dr. Dave Kimberly, Director of the Barnabas Ministry that our Ohio Association sponsors, updated us on the very positive reviews his pastor and leadership cohorts have received over the past several years. And of course, as always, the banquet food prepared by our Vice Moderator Rev. David Dake, who also serves as our Ohio Area Pastor and Pastor of First Congregational Church, Lodi, updated us on the Ohio pastors and their church activities. The evening was filled with conversations of God’s merciful work in the personal lives of those gathered. Songs of joy and praise were led by our talented Jeff O’Guin. All who attended were blessed.

Ohio Association Spring Meeting is scheduled for Wednesday,  May 3, 2023.

We will gather at First Congregational Church, 114 Church St., Lodi, Ohio 44254 where Rev. David Dake pastors. You may reach him for any questions regarding the gathering at 330-635-5428.

The 2023 Spring meeting will be held on Wednesday May 3. David Kimberly agreed to do a program on “Burnout, Flourishing, and Longevity” for everyone, but especially for younger pastors. It will be a combination of seminar and workshop. Registration for the meeting will be from 8:30 to 9 a.m. The meeting will begin at 9:15 and continue until noon, with breaks. Lunch will be at noon. The business meeting will be brief and conducted during lunch. After lunch, prepared by our chef Dave Dake and his church crew, the meeting will come to an end.

Summer Picnic Wednesday August 9, 11am-3pm Columbus Area

At our Winter Banquet we talked a bit about having a summer picnic like our Association did years ago. We thought that if we held it in the Columbus area, pastors could come from as far as the Cincinnati area since our Association covers all the CCCC churches in Ohio and not simply Eastern. Doug & Maja Knighton retired in Westerville which has some nice Metro Parks. We are looking to reserve Blendon Woods Metro Park, Shadblow open air shelter, 4265 E. Dublin Granville Rd., Westerville, Ohio 43081.

 It has tables for 50, a charcoal grill, a couple outlets, restrooms, hiking trails, a small field, a horseshoe pit, swings and play area for kids, and a  parking area.  As we talked about it, several thought Wednesday, August 9, from 11 a.m. to 3 p.m. would be a good date and time. You can come earlier if you wish, but another group may be arriving at 3:30 for the evening. This will be a good time for fellowship and a family get-away. It was suggested that we put up a map of Ohio and ask those attending to put a pin in the map where their church is located, and tell us something about what good things God may be doing in your fellowship. This event will be a potluck, with those attending bringing food items to share. We will provide paper plates, plastic-ware, and beverage.

Please ink-in May 3, and August 9, on your calendar.



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