Spring Meeting 2018 Minutes

Ohio Association 4C Spring Meeting – Secretary Report

Tuesday April 24, 2018 – 9:30AM-3PM -Parkman Congregational Church

Estimated Attendance: 25

Morning Worship was led by Will & Will – (Coley & Collens) – which got us started on the right mindset for the day.

John welcomed us and we started with introducing ourselves.

Dr. Ron Hamilton gave the morning address on a New Reformation – here are some key statements

  • The Reformation involved a rediscovery of the work of the Spirit
  • Semper Reformanda – Always being reformed
  • For Luther – from Scripture to personal conviction to declaration and preaching
  • God wants to reform our lives and ministries through the presence and power of Christ
  • A healthy church is critical to God’s reforming work. – Let the peace of Christ rule…
  • The Reformation was a response to a corrupt and divided church (not just to a sinful society)
  • Churches are the place God does His reforming work today!
  • The Word of God is central to God’s reforming work.
  • Let the message of Christ dwell among you richly.
  • Dynamic Christian living is the consequence of God’s reforming work.

Lunch was excellent – thank you to our friends at Parkman.

John called our Business Meeting to order at about 1:15pm.

  • We discussed the OA4C’s website, Lydia Miller is taking over from Phil Ross, however she likes a different web-host than our current one. Dave Kimberly will investigate to help resolve this change.
  • We discussed having an OA4C’s Facebook Page. OA Secretary Mitch Reed will create, and will make it a Closed Group that people have to be approved to create posts. Mitch Reed and Dave Kimberly will both be moderators.

An Important order of business was the election of officers for the year.

  • Then we had an Arm Wrestling Tournament to decide who would be the officers for the OA4C’s for the next year (2018/2019). As fate would have it, all the same officers were victorious in the Arm Wrestling competition and so were re-elected for the coming year. Vote to re-elect the same slate of officers (as they had proved their worth through Arm Wrestling) came by 1st by Eldon Smith and 2nd by Jim Mathewson – approved by voice vote.

Moderator: John Hood johnhood@roadrunner.com

Vice Moderator: David Dake pastordake@frontier.com

Treasurer: Jonathan Cheatham church4today@gmail.com

Secretary: Mitch Reed – (Hero of the Realm) zvpastormitch@gmail.com

  • Dave gave a report on Barnabas Ministry. He continues to provide support and coaching to those serving in ministry. In the last year he has led two helpful Ministry Clinics and has 15 coaching contracts. The officers at their last meeting had reviewed and approved the goals for 2018/2019, and now were presenting them for the association gathered.
  • The Goals for Barnabas Ministry for 2018/2019 were presented. Approval of the goals as presented, 1st by Gary Eno and 2nd by Dave Dake – approved by voice vote.
  • Dave Kimberly reported that he is now an Associate Certified Coach credentialed with the International Coaching Federation.
  • The Ohio CCCC Representative Bob Barber gave his report. Strangely, before Bob got into the details he wanted to let us know how he can offer us a great deal on “certain enhancement products.” He said to keep a look out for an e-mail from him about these enhancement products. Not sure what they enhance, but I could sense that all in the room are all thinking about clicking on these e-mail links. (Please ignore what I just wrote – never click on an e-mail link to buy any product no matter what they promise to enhance about you.) His new valid e-mail is mmrlbarber@gmail.com – please ignore stuff from his old e-mail address
  • More substantially our regional representative told of a marvelous movement of the Holy Spirit in his area, and gave a report on happenings in the association.

Here are some updates on changes/transitions in the OA4C’s

  • Huntington Church is seeking a new pastor, Mike Goss has resigned. Mike is not a member of the 4C’s, and was not at Huntington long enough to seek such status.
  • Pat Street has resigned from Salem Evangelical Reformed, and is seeking to start a new church in the Marion area. Pat is no longer a member of the CCCC’s. Salem is still in the CCCC’s. Moreover, pray for Salem as they are facing a lawsuit due to someone falling in the parking lot on their way to worship.
  • Hambden Church has a new pastor, Kyle Boone, he is young and not from the 4C’s. We are not sure yet if he will seek standing in the 4C’s. John Dove was their previous pastor.

Franklin gave a report on missions:

  • In the Philippines there is a desperate need for Bibles, at a cost of about $10 US, for the Sublano or Tagalog translations for the Philippines.
  • There is a new law in Russia against proselytism. It should not prevent Russian believers from witnessing, but foreigners coming in may have problems.
  • Alas, the Woman’s School in Russia was shut down by a Protestant group that thought women should not be learning the Bible.

Report on Jeff & Lisa Griffiths – missionaries in the Czech Republic

  • Prayer is needed for a situation the Griffiths are facing over the education of their children. The Czech public school is not viable for their boys, home-schooling is not allowed, and the cost to send both to the Meridian International School is about $20,000 US dollars per year. They have received enough funds for one of their sons and are hoping for enough for both.
  • The Griffiths are hosting an English conversation camp for the Czechs as an outreach. A group from Immanuel Church Zanesville, are going to help lead the camp. Hillary Hendricks, the Outreach Coordinator for Immanuel is leading the trip, there are 8-9 going from Immanuel.

Other Announcements:

  • Franklin Shannon and Nenita Dano who were married in February. Nenita’s church in the Philippines is composed of very poor farmers who need Bibles in their own language.
  • The CCCC Annual Gathering at Gordon College, Wenham, MA, July 31-August 3.
  • The OA Fall Meeting was set for Tuesday October 16. Jonathan Arnold is checking with his church, Christ Memorial Church, Robertsville, to see if they can host the meeting.
  • There is still room for you to attend the CCCC Peacemakers Conference April 27/28 at Parkman Congregational Church. Give them a call 978-473-9605.

And so ended our Business Meeting for the 2018 OA4C’s Spring Meeting.

This was good as it enabled us to have Ron Hamilton continue his topic and left some time for discussion and questions.

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