Good Meeting

We had a good time at Parkman Congregational Church yesterday. About 25 were present. Will Collens and Will Coley led our morning worship. Dr. Ron Hamilton talked about the need for a New Reformation where churches are renewed because members have a personal, obedient living relationship with the Lord. The Parkman members provided us with a delicious lunch.

At the business meeting our present officers were re-elected for the coming year.

Bob Barber, our regional representative told of a marvelous movement of the Holy Spirit in his area.

Dave Kimberly reported that he is now an Associate Certified Coach credentialed with the International Coaching Federation. He led two helpful Ministry Clinics and has 15 coaching contracts. The officers and association approved his goals for this year.

Jeff Griffith’s financial need for his children’s schooling was reported. Mitch Reed from Immanuel Church and several others are planning on traveling this summer to the Czech Republic to help with the Griffith’s English Camp.

We blessed Franklin Shannon and Nenita Dano who were married in February. Nenita’s church in the Philippines is composed of very poor farmers  who need Bibles in their own language.

Hopefully many of you will attend the CCCC Annual Gathering at Gordon College, Wenham, MA, July 31-August 3.

Our Fall Meeting was set forTusday October 16. Jonathan Arnold is checking with his church, Christ Memorial Church, Robertsville, to see if they can host the meeting.

There is still room for you to attend the CCCC Peacemakers Conference this Friday evening and Saturday at Parkman Congregational Church. Give them a call 978-473-9605.

I am updating our Ohio mailing list. Send me any corrections, etc.


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