September 2020 Officers’ Minutes

Ohio Association 4C’s Officer Meeting September 9,2020 Bob Evans, Wooster, Ohio Secretary Report

The OA officers gathered at Bob Evans for a fall officer meeting.  Present:  John Hood, Moderator; David Dake, Jonathan Cheatham, Steve Clifford, David Kimberly, Donna Edsall, and Nancy Dake (guest and David’s designated driver).  David Dake invited us to admire his surgical scars, but most of us preferred not to.

The minutes of the last officers’ meeting from January 15, 2020, and the minutes of the Spring Meeting from May 26, 2020, at Ganges Community Church, were approved unanimously.

David Kimberly gave an update on the Barnabas Goals.   Bryan Long has replaced Rob O’Neal as Director of Church Multiplication and has not yet renewed the Memorandum of Understanding.  Dave has completed 97 pastoral research project surveys on the subject of flourishing and longevity.  The trip to South Africa is on hold.  There is a new leader of the Salvation Army that Dave needs to meet with.  David gave a presentation on “Being, with Jesus” at the Salvation Army Officers’ Ministry Clinic. 

The advisory board for 2020  is Steve Edlin, Cindy Wilson, and Matt Lewis.  Matt has agreed to be renewed.  Dave thinks the other two will also be willing to be renewed.

Nothing is going on with the OA Retreats at the present time.

Jeff Griffith sent an update about his ministry.  There are new opportunities to reach out to Czechs through online conversation groups.  The Kralupy church now has a Facebook page.  Ministry through the Estherville Area Ministerial Association continues, and requests for assistance are down. Jeff has been appointed the CCCC Iowa Area Pastor.  He is working with Ray DeLaurier, Upper Midwest Regional Pastor, to find creative ways to restructure the area and increase church development. 

A motion was presented by Steve Clifford to continue housing allowances for Jeff Griffith and David Kimberly until amended in the future.  David Dake seconded the motion, which was approved unanimously.

Jonathan Cheatham gave the treasurer’s report.  We will be ending the year with a surplus and will discuss at the next meeting what we should do.  An officers’ trip to Disney World is one possibility.  However, Steve Clifford recommended keeping the surplus as emergency funds.  The second quarterly report has been distributed.  A discussion ensued on our insurance expenses of $558.52 a year.  We will discuss this matter at the fall meeting. 

The fall meeting will be held on Tuesday, October 27, at the First Congregational church in Lodi.  The speaker will be Jeff Lord, on the topic of Outreach Evangelism.

The 2021 Winter Banquet will be held at Faith Community Church, in Canton, Ohio, the same venue as last year.  It will be on Friday, Feb. 26, from 6 to 9 p.m.  David Dake is heading the food committee and thinks the menu will include smoked pork butt, roast beef or turkey, and green beans with assorted desserts.  We will ask Tim Dubeau to speak again this year, to give him a chance to get to know us. The suggested topic is National Church Development, but he may choose another topic if he prefers.  Last year, Tim and Shirley stayed with Eldon Smith.  David Dake will call Eldon to see if he can house the Dubeaus again.

The Spring 2021 meeting will be on Tuesday, April 27.  We will ask Phil Ross to speak.  Our first choice of location is Pittsfield Community Church.  Second choice is Vermillion or Huntington. We will confirm our decisions by the Winter Banquet.

At this point the meeting disintegrated into chaos with discussions about invisible sugar fairies that make Jonathan gain weight, and other dietary hazards, such a cream sticks from Donald’s Donuts.

The next officers’ meeting will be Wednesday, January 13, at the Bob Evans in Wooster, Ohio.

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