2020 Spring Meeting Minutes

May 26, 2020 

Ganges Community Church, Shelby, Ohio

Attendance:  About 21

John Hood, Moderator, opened the meeting.  Jim Marshall, the pastor of Ganges, offered introductory comments and prayer.  Phil and Stephanie Ross led the group in song.

The morning address was by Marshall Pierson, who spoke on “The Septuagint:  It’s All About Jesus.” 

Some highlights of the talk:

In about 125 B.C. a group of Hebrew rabbis translated the Hebrew and Aramaic scriptures into Greek, which was the universal language of the day.  The original Hebrew text had no vowels or punctuation.  When the translation into Greek was completed, it was called the Septuagint. The Septuagint was the text quoted in the New Testament by Jesus and his Apostles.  However, between the 7th and the 11 centuries A.D. a group of Hebrew scholars called the Masoretes went through the original Hebrew and Aramaic scriptures and added stress marks and vowel signs. This version is considered the official version of the Tanakh in Judaism.   The Masoretic text was the one used by Christian scholars who translated the Bible into the vernacular.  Protestant bibles today have an Old Testament that is based on the Masoretic text.

Marshall pointed out that there are discrepancies between the Septuagint as quoted in the New Testament and the Masoretic text as it appears in our Old Testament.  He gave examples where the discrepancies diminish or deny the Messianic prophecies fulfilled by Christ.  Marshall recommended that we buy a copy of The Orthodox Study Bible, J. Richard Ballew, Managing Editor, Thomas Nelson Publishers.  We were advised to ignore the pictures but use this book as a source to see the difference between the Septuagint as translated in the Orthodox Study Bible and our own Old Testament versions (which are from the Masoretic texts.)

A brief question and answer period followed.

After lunch the business meeting was held.  John Hood gave the opening prayer.  Phil and Stephanie Ross led everyone in singing. 

The minutes of the previous meeting were approved.

It was announced that Mitch Reed is moving to New York, to be pastor of the East Glenville Community Church.  We appreciated Mitch’s service as an officer and secretary, enjoying his humorous comments. No one volunteered to take over our 4C’s Ohio Facebook page that he took care of.

Jonathan Cheatham gave the treasurer’s report for the Barnabas Ministry and Ohio Association accounts. Dave Dake moved and Phil Ross second that they be received. Motion was unanimously accepted. The annual liability insurance of between $500-600 will be due this June. Jonathan thanked the churches and individuals who have given to these funds. (See attachment of recommended 4C giving)

The annual arm-wrestling competition for the officer positions was suspended this year due to Coronavirus contact concerns.  We re-elected John Hood as Moderator, David Dake as Vice-Moderator, and Jonathan Cheatham as Treasurer.  With Mitch Reed’s departure, the Secretary position was vacant.  Donna Edsall was elected Secretary.  She expressed her joy and elation along with all in attendance.

Our Ohio Representative to the National 4C’s, David Dake, gave a report and said the Annual Gathering in 2021 will be at the Rhode Island site originally planned for this year.  The theme will be “On This Rock.”  We will meet at the Crown Plaza Hotel.  The 2022 Annual Gathering will be in California.  David also talked about the Pastor’s Gathering Network.  We have one group that meets in Cambridge, Ohio, and one that meets in northern Ohio.  He said there are 76 CCCC ministers in northern Ohio and he hopes to get some of them more involved in the Network.

We received a mission report from Franklin Shannon and prayed for him and for Pastor Alexey Atachuk. Rev. Atachuk’s congregation in Voronezh, Russia has outgrown their meeting facilities and are unable to find property for a church building. They are the only evangelical church in a population of 100,000.

We received a mission report from Jeff and Lisa Griffith in Iowa. (See attachment)

We approved the goals for the Barnabas Ministry as presented by David Kimberly and approved by the officers at their January 15 meeting.  Motion to accept the 2020 goals was made by John Hood and seconded by Nick Cacciatore. All approved. (See attachment)

As of June 1, The United Church of Huntington has a new minister, Rev. Brian Egelston. He and his wife, Natasha, and their four children Arabella, Nathaniel, Henrietta, and Reuben have come from First Congregational Church, Mantorville, MN.

The Jones Road Church of Christ is having some legal issues, and we prayed for them.

The Huntsburg Congregational Church is looking for applicants. Also, Pastor Chris Vough of the East Oberlin Community Church will be leaving the middle of June. They are looking for a part-time pastor.

We discussed the Winter Banquet and considered changing the time and/or the month because of the hazards of winter travel.  This matter will be discussed further later on. The Winter Banquet this February was successful.  The venue and food were excellent and the cost was much less than previous years.  We will probably decide to do something similar again next winter.

The October meeting will be on Tuesday, October 27, at the First Congregational Church in Lodi, hosted by Pastor David Dake.  Rev. Jeff Lord has a passion for reaching the lost so the topic will be on Outreach Evangelism. 

The meeting closed with a time of prayer.

Rev. Donna Edsall, Secretary

Muskingum Church

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