The Power of Praise

When Joanne and I were in Nepal this past February, one of the missionaries there told the story of a friend of his who is a Nepali believer.  The Nepali was worshipping in a church of about 40 Christian believers when the Apl. ’15 earthquake hit.  The roof caved in, and half of those present were killed.  In the aftermath, dead children as well as adults were pulled from the rubble, some holding their Bibles.  The tragedy and sorrow was compounded by the chiding of neighbors who mocked the Christians for their God who would allow such a thing to happen.

Today, 140 believers worship in that church.  The reason?  The witness from the surviving believers.  In the midst of their bereavement, what shone from their hearts was praise and joy.  This was mixed too with a touch of spiritual envy – “They get to be with Jesus!”

There is power in faith and praise, even – and especially – in the face of death.  Do you believe it is better to depart and be with Christ (Phil. 1:23)?  Do you believe in Rom. 8:38-39?  Do you count it all joy in the midst of trials (Jas. 1:2)?

C.S. Lewis said that if you aim for the next world, you get this world “thrown in” too.  If you aim for this world, you get neither.

So what is happening in our day?  What is happening in your church?  What is happening in your life?

Forever, for Him,

Pastor Dave

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