Fall Meeting Minutes — 2015

Ohio Association CCCC Fall Meeting Minutes

Immanuel Church Downtown Zanesville, Pastor Mitch Reed

Thursday, October 15, 2015 –9:30AM-2:30PM

We met in Fellowship Hall of Immanuel Church Downtown Zanesville which hosted our Fall Meeting. As the pastors and laity arrived, they enjoyed talking and munching on muffins, orange juice, coffee and tea. John Hood opened the day’s event by welcoming and introducing those in attendance. The largest delegation was Don Hart’s five from St. John’s in Lowell. Mitch Reed led us with devotions and singing. He also shared some of the vision of Immanuel Church Downtown Zanesville which began in 1817 from German descent. The church just voted this past May to become affiliated with our CCCCs. They received papers of acceptance in the last couple weeks.

Phil Ross then shared his pilgrimage in ministry as related to understanding evangelism and the state of the church. We agreed with him that Trinitarian Kingdom building empowered by Spirit-filled prayer and the Word is to be pursued more than organizational building. Phil has published many books over the past 20 years which were displayed for our perusal and purchase.

Immanuel Church provided a splendid lunch of soup, sandwiches, vegetables, fruits and deserts.

John opened the business meeting with prayer.

Discussion was held concerning our Winter Banquet and Spring meeting:

Dave Dake will arrange for our Winter Banquet at Malone College for the banquet room Friday, February 26, 6p.m. if that date works for the speaker. Dave Kimberly will contact Hugh White from Brotherhood Mutual to be our speaker to tell their new plans for strengthening and supporting the work of pastors and missionaries.

Jonathan Arnold will check with his consistory concerning holding our Spring Meeting Tuesday, April 26, 9:30am-2pm at Christ Memorial Church. Dave Brand has agreed to share his faith journey and scriptural insights at the Spring Meeting.

Jeff Lord gave the Treasurer’s Report:

Brotherhood Mutual liability insurance was purchased to cover our Ohio Officers and the Barnabas Ministry Advisory Board. We paid $639 for the year.

A Barnabas Ministry Fund was set up at First Merit Bank. Dave Dake receives and deposits checks, and sends thank you notes to donors. Jeff Lord makes the disbursements as requested by Dave Kimberly and in keeping with the officers approved budget. At this date deposits have totaled $23,227.32, and debits have been $22,769.93. The balance is $457.39. In the coming week Dave Kimberly will be sending out a second financial appeal letter to his list of possible donors.

Our Ohio Association Account has a balance of $2,477.49. A large donation of $1,000 was received from St. John’s Church, Lowell which was greatly appreciated and acknowledged. If other churches would be willing to contribute we could expand our giving.

The following disbursements were unanimously approved as Dave Kimberly moved and Phil Ross seconded the motion: $250 each to our two CCCC Board of Directors members, Steve Carmany and Dave Kimberly for transportation to the winter Board of Directors meeting in Florida; $500 toward the travel expenses of Matt Reed if he chooses to attend the seminar on CCCC church planting next summer; $1,000 to Cooperative International Studies ministry headed by Franklin Shannon. Franklin told us of the Haitian children dying of hunger that his impoverished student pastors minister to in their congregations. The need is huge.

Dave Dake is our new Ohio State Statutory Agent and will have the necessary papers processed shortly.

Phil Ross moved and Dave Kimberly second that we set up an Ohio CCCC Face-book site where any of us might dialogue with each other and the public in order to share our witness. It was unanimously approved and Phil will set that up. Dave Dake offered to administer the site. John will notify our e-mail list of this new opportunity when it is set up.

Reports were given by the following:

Bob Barber shared impressions of last July’s 66th Annual Family Conference held in Rochester, NY where we had over 30 attend from Ohio. He emphasized that our CCCC stresses Kingdom building and is working to nurture healthy pastors and churches in order to do the mission of Christ, Our Lord. Bob is also counseling and visiting pastors to encourage them. He will soon be meeting with two churches about affiliating with the CCCC.

Dave Kimberly has devised an assessment tool which he uses when interviewing pastors both CCCC and others to encourage long-term healthy ministry. He will be meeting with Hugh White from Brotherhood Mutual to explore coordinating with the new ministry they are developing to strengthen pastors. He and his wife, Joanne, are successfully distributing her book, Gingerboy’s Search for Christmas which highlights the gospel for children. Dave will be traveling the first of the year to Europe and Nepal. He will visit missionary Jeff Griffith in Prague who was able to speak with us during the meeting over SKYPE.

Franklin Shannon reported on his work in Haiti training pastors. The devastating earthquake from several years ago has left many orphans. Much of the charity money raised to help those who lost so much during that tragedy was confiscated by the government and pocketed by shysters. The pastors in training would like to help feed their flock, but they do not have the resources. They want Franklin to move there and help them. Franklin is praying about it and waiting to see if the Lord makes a way for him.

Submitted by John Hood in the absence of our secretary, Harry Knotts.

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