Ohio Association 2018 Fall Meeting Minutes


Tuesday October 16, 2018 – 9:30AM-2PM – Christ Memorial Church,
Robertsville, OH

Estimated Attendance: 20

John got us started with worship.  We sang some hymns in thesanctuary,
but then moved downstairs for our main meeting.

Main Session – The theme for this meeting was Mission Trips.  Jeff
Griffith, Mitch Reed, and Dave Kimberly talked about mission trips this
summer and future opportunities.

Jeff Griffith –

·         This summer Jeff and family moved fromthe Czech Republic to
Esterville, Iowa.  Lisa has a full-time teaching job.  The kidsare in
school in Iowa.  They are living near extended family.

·         Jeff shared about his still developingplans for continuing in
ministry and maintaining his mission to the Czech Republic.  Appendedbelow
is Jeff’s description of his ministry proposal going forward.

·         Jeff’s new role will includeministering to and advising
churches in the 4C’s and beyond in areas such as Mission, Church Growth &
Church Planting.

·         Jeff is investigating a possible rolethrough the 4C’s National
on how he might serve within the Conference.

·         Jeff will continue ministry in theCzech Republic by organizing
short-term trips and supporting certain effective ministries within the
Czech Republic.

·         Jeff will continue to be “sent” by ourgroup, the 4C’s Ohio
Association.  So he offered this proposal to the assembled group forour
review.  Motion to receive and affirm Jeff’s proposal was made by Dave
Kimberly, 2nd by Eldon.  Approved by voice vote with all in favor(except
Jeff himself abstained).  * See below for full description.

Mitch Reed

·         Mitch shared about the Mission trip tothe Czech Republic in
July.  Initially the trip was to help with an English ConversationFamily
Camp, with Jeff Griffith.  However, when that fell through the groupgot
connected with an English Conversation camp run by Young Life in Brno,
Czech that happened to be taking place the same week.

·         They took 9 folks from Zanesville, 2teenagers (including
Mitch’s daughter Catie), 4 young adults (including Gary Eno’s son Aaron),
and 3 other adults who added a bit of maturity and experience to the team.
They spent a week helping with camp in Brno, teaching English to middle
school aged kids.  They joined a team of people from Czech, Poland,
Australia and various U.S. states to present the gospel with the kids
throughout the week.

·         The team got to spend one day touringBrno, the 2nd largest
city of the C.R.

·         They had another day to see Prague (thecapital) and an
amazingly beautiful old city.  Jeff & Lisa met up with theOhioans and took
them on a whirlwind tour through the city.

Dave Kimberly

·         Dave talked about his experience in SouthAfrica and what he is
learning about that country.

·         Dave is now officially connected to theTimothy Network, and
will be going to South Africa on a regular basis to meet with and encourage
the missionaries in that country.

·         Dave has also recently accepted apart-time position with the
New Life Assembly of God in Canton to aid in their renewal efforts and to
supplement his funding needs.

·         Dave gave us some background on thesituation for believers and
missionaries in South Africa. He highly recommends reading, *Out of the
Shadows of African Traditional Religion* to get an understanding of what
they face.

·         The new government in S.A. is notfavorable toward outside
missionaries.  Dave asked specifically for prayer for the Team
Missionaries, the Durban Bible Institute and the Union Bible Institute.
They are in danger of losing their visas or accreditation in the new
hostile regulatory environment.

Other Business

Report on the 68th Annual Family Conference at Gordon College

·         There were some positive reports fromthe annual gathering,
including good speakers.  There was a suggestion that the numberswere not
as big as expected but still good.

·         Some unnamed person made the scurrilousaccusation that both
Will Coley & Matt Reed though attending the overall conference, slept
through the Business Meetings.  I’m sure there is no truth to such
abhorrent rumors.  I am confident that Will & Matt would nevershirk their
sacred duty to consider and weigh all the important business of our
national conference.  Naytheless, I as secretary must convey this
scandalous charge to you all.

Treasury Report – Jonathan Cheatham – no report.

·         Jonathan called and said he was ill andcould not make it to
the meeting.  However, during the call in the background a voice could
clearly be heard asking if they should use their 4-iron or 5-iron, so I’m
personally a bit skeptical.

Ohio Representative Update

·         Dave Dake is now the “Ohio Rep” for ourassociation.  Long Live
the King!

·         We all gathered around to kiss his ringand Dave gently tapped
each of us with his crozier conveying his good will to us lowly minions.

Winter Banquet

·         I have in my notes that it would beFebruary 22nd at Malone and
that we would see if Rob O’Neal from Church Multiplication could be our
speaker.  Is that right or has that changed?

Spring Meeting

·         We discussed meeting at Faith Family inMassillon, but since we
have learned that it was not available.  Dave Kimberly took the leadin
finding us a place in the Canton area.

·         Tentatively set now for Tuesday April30th, 9:30am – 2pm. at *St.
James at the Crossroads* in Navarre, just south of Massillon.

OA4C’s Facebook Page

·         We now have an official Facebookpage.  It is at:

·         In addition we have a CLOSEDGROUP  so we can maintain
conversations with one another.

·         All our encouraged to first to like thePage and then you can
“join” the Group.

·         At least that is how I (Mitch) think itis supposed to work,
I’m not a complete expert on group managing at Facebook.  I had ayoung
adult get me started with one for our church (Immanuel) but once it is
going it seems pretty easy.  But feel free to set me straight if Ihave
something wrong.  Just beware I might call you a *“whippersnapper.”*

And so ended our 2018 Fall Meeting.  And to everyone’s surprise wefelt
the earth tremble beneath our feet just like the church meeting in Acts
4:31 had ended: *31 And when they had prayed, the place in which they
were gathered together was shaken…*

2018-19 Ministry Description for Jeff Griffith

My ministry will be 3-fold.

1.       Providing coaching and support for localchurches in the USA.

a.       After 24 years of ministry experience in theCzech Republic, I
have gained some knowledge and experience which would be of help to North
American churches as they seek to minister in challenging settings.

b.       Central to this is regular days of prayer andvision. God has
allowed me to help others learn how to have a successful day away with
Him.  I have a two day seminar already prepared – one day forinstruction
and explanation and another day getting away for a day of prayer andvision.

c.       I can also help churches seeking to eitherplant new churches or
develop their church. The core principles are the same – regularly seek the
face of God, building genuine unity in Christ and being disciples of Jesus
Christ who make disciples of Jesus Christ. I have developed a one day
seminar which can be done over a two week period during a small group or a
Sunday School class.

d.       Having 24 years’ experience in cross-culturalministry I can also
provide some help to churches wanting to reach out to the subcultures in
their areas – which is cross-cultural ministry.

e.       Reality is that there is nothing new I wouldbe saying to pastors
and churches.  It is more a matter of coming alongside of them and
encouraging them to be disciplined at doing what they already know – and
when needed provide a different perspective and additional instruction.

2.       Lead short term ministry teams to the CzechRepublic.

a.       There is an opportunity to do two Englishconversation programs
in public schools, once in the autumn and once in the spring. This ministry
helps to open and keep open ministry opportunities in public schools in the
Kralupy and surrounding area.  It has already provided contact withkids in
EVERY town and village in the greater Kralupy area. This ministry can be
expanded to other locations depending on the number of team which can be
raised up and sent to help other churches in other areas.

b.       Family English camps are now a viableministry to assist local
Czech churches.  It provides them with contact with people theynormally
would not be able to meet as well as develops trust among parents of school
age students. Without trust ministry to kids is hindered.  Weanticipate
leading one Family English Conversation Camp a year – but this could
increase depending on partnerships with additional churches and church

3.       Represent Czech church leaders who are makinga difference in the
Czech Republic and assisting with financial support. Currently there are
two men who are making a significant difference in developing leaders and
seeing young people come to faith.

a.       Dan Jokl is head of the Jr High Union for theFree Evangelical
Brethren Church. Nearly everything Dan does in ministry is blessed by God
and succeeds at seeing people, especially kids, come to faith and begin
following and serving as disciples of Jesus Christ. I’ll send a separate
link to my Google Drive where you’ll be able to view his presentation for
supporting youth leader mentors. The Ohio CCCCs will be providing a
financial conduit to help funds donated in the USA get to this ministry.

b.       Honza (Jan) Nemecek is a Czech missionarywith Ambassadors
Football in Prague.  Ambassadors is a soccer ministry through whichGod has
brought many kids and some adults to faith.  With God’s help, Honzahas
done a very good job at developing leaders and expanding soccer clubs and
camps in the Czech Republic through which kids are being reached with the
good news of Jesus Christ.  I’ve attached a document which he hasprepared
for English speakers. He can be supported directly through Ambassador
Football at https://afc.ambassadorsfootball.org/ orthrough my account at
the Ohio CCCC. 6;\lsdsemi

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