The Significance of Smaller Church Ministry

Here is some data documenting the significance of smaller churches (churches that worship less than 100) in the United States.

About half of the roughly 320,000 Protestant and Catholic churches in the United States worship less than 100 on an average Sunday (Hartford Institute).

On any one Sunday, about 20% of Americans are present for worship in a Protestant or Catholic Church (Evangelical Covenant Church), or 64 million people.

That means that on any one Sunday, approximately 32 million Americans worship in a smaller church!

P.S. – That also means that in one year the total number of “attendees” at Protestant and Catholic churches in the United States, understanding that many are repeat “attendees,” is over 3.3 billion.  The comparable statistic for attendance at all 2016 NFL games is 17.8 million (Statistica) and for all 2016 Major League Baseball games 73 million (Statistica).

Also, based upon his research at the time, Christian Schwartz documented that smaller churches consistently score higher in seven of eight categories of church health: Empowering Leadership, Gift-oriented Ministry, Passionate Spirituality, Functional Structures, Holistic Small Groups, Need-Oriented Evangelism, and Loving Relationships.  Larger churches consistently scored higher in Inspiring Worship.

All of this demonstrates the significant role that the smaller church continues to play in the United States.

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