Fall Meeting 2017


Greetings in the Name above all Names, Jesus Christ: Jude 2-to-You

Our Fall Meeting is scheduled for October 17, 9:30AM-2PM at First Congregational Church, 114 Church Street, Lodi, OH 44254, where Dave Dake serves as pastor (330) 416-6328.

Rev. Steve Miller from Upper Sandusky will be our speaker. He is pastor of Wildwood Chapel and also active in Rural American Mission which focuses on churches encouraging churches  by organizing  mission teams and resources.

Lunch will be served. We will put out a basket for donations toward the meal expenses. It is always helpful if you intend to come to reply to me on this email so they can have a ball-park idea for how much food to prepare. If you have not contacted me, but at the last minute you find you are able to attend, please come anyway. Don’t worry about the food as they always prepare some extra.

Please encourage your church leaders to come and any who would like to fellowship with us. Below is the agenda for the day.

Hope to see you October 17!



Ohio Association 4C Fall Meeting

Tuesday October 17, 2017 – 9:30AM-2PM

First Congregational Church

114 Church Street

Lodi, OH 44254

Dave Dake serves as pastor (330) 416-6328.

  • 9:30 A. M.  Registration & Fellowship
  • 10:00 Welcome & Worship – John Hood & Pat Street
  • 10:30 Speaker Pastor Steve Miller, Wildwood Chapel, Upper Sandusky
  • 12:00  Lunch
  • 1:00 P.M.Business Meeting Opening Prayer
  • Announcements
  • Winter Banquet – Date Place
  • Spring Meeting – Date Place
  • 67th Annual Family Conference Report, Pittsburgh
  • Minutes of last meeting are posted on our web www.ccccohio.org
  • Treasurer’s Report – Jonathan Cheatham
  • Barnabas Ministry Report – Dave Kimberly
  • Jeff Griffith Update
  • Other Old or New Business:
  • 2:00 P. M. Closing Prayer & Adjournment

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