Spring Meeting Minutes – 2015


Thursday April 30, 2015

Salem Evangelical Church, Marion, Ohio

Meeting called to order at 10:00 AM by Revered John Hood

  • Worship and call to prayer by Reverend John Hood
  • Reverend Ron Hamilton, CCCC conference minister presented the CCCC vision and update on many topics being addressed by the National CCCC headquarters.
  • Ron played the video “Alive and Active” that presented key points of Love God, Love Others & Make Disciples.
  • The 7 Guiding Values of the National CCCC group were each presented and discussed by Ron Hamilton. Additionally, church development, church multiplication, church plants & conference care programs were discussed at length.
  • A plea for our churches to be biblical Congregationalists.
  • Ron Hamilton asked for prayer for the CCCC staff, resources, vision alignment & the annual gathering in Rochester, New York in July 20-23.
  • Lunch was then served by the staff at Salem Evangelical Church. Thanks to Rev. Pat Street and his congregation for serving a wonderful lunch.
  • Business meeting called to order at 1:00 PM by Rev. John Hood.
  • Previous meeting notes, posted on the Ohio CCCC website were approved.
  • Announcements: Bob Barber welcomed the new pastor of Parkman Congregational Church, Will Coley. Parkman Church also donated $500.00 to the Ohio Association CCCC.
  • Treasurer’s report presented: balance as of January 1, 2015 was $1,485.23. After expenses and offerings so far this year the current balance is $2,298.09. The report was offered by Matthew Reed.
  • Rev. John Hood then presented the following slate of officers for this year: Moderator Rev. John Hood, Vice Moderator Rev. David Dake, Secretary Rev. Harry Knotts and Treasurer Jeff Lord.
  • Motion to approve made by Phil Ross and the second was by Pat Street. The vote to approve the slate was unanimous.
  • The meeting then moved to focus on the proposal before the Ohio CCCC pertaining to the support of Barnabas Ministry, represented by Dr. David Kimberly.
  • Dr. Kimberly had prepared several documents presenting the calling Dr. Kimberly has to move forward with the missionary and counseling to Ohio CCCC pastors. I believe everyone, at the meeting received and reviewed the documents prior the presentation.
  • The floor was then opened for discussion about this important program. Rev. Bob Barber had several questions relating to fund raising for the program. Phil Ross made the point that he would find it hard to believe the Ohio CCCC churches could fully support the program.
  • Dr. Kimberly replied to all questions and indicated the program would also receive financial support from other churches and private individuals and should be self-supporting after 2 years.
  • Rev. John Hood noted the Ohio Association CCCC and its churches are not guaranteeing to meet the Barnabas Ministry Budget submitted by Dr. Kimberly.
  • Rev. Hamilton offered that the National CCCC group did have some experience with supporting a calling similar to Dr. Kimberly’s and it has been successful.
  • Rev. Harry Knotts offered that “directors and officers” liability insurance would cost the Ohio Association CCCC $500.00-$1,000 per year.
  • At the conclusion of the discussion period, Rev. Pat Street moved that the Ohio Association CCCC sponsor the Barnabas Ministry as one of it’s ministries. Rev. Mitch Reed seconded the motion. A vote was called and the motion passed unanimously.
  • A motion was then made by Rev. Pat Street to move forward with the liability insurance and Rev. Dave Dake made the second. A vote was called to authorize the group to purchase this insurance, not to exceed $1,000 per year and it passed without any dissenting votes.
  • It was suggested that we hold our fall meeting at Immanuel Church in Zanesville, Ohio with Phil Ross speaking on “Evangelism & the State of the Church”. Phil brought books he has authored for us to read in preparation for the discussion, also, we may look on our Ohio Association website. The date for the meeting was set for Thursday October 15th at 10:00 AM. The church address is, 105 South 7th Street, Zanesville; Church phone: 740-454-1294. Pastor Mitch Reed will consult with his congregation about holding our meeting there and on that date. Immanuel is voting on affiliating with the CCCC on May 3.
  • The group then gathered to commission and pray for Dr. Kimberly and the ministry he is leading.
  • Rev. John then called for adjournment and the meeting was ended at 3pm.

Meeting notes respectfully submitted by Reverend Harry Knotts

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