Ohio CCCC Association Fall Meeting

Saturday October 26, 2013
Huntsburg Congregational Church
Rev. Bob Barber

The Ohio 4C’s fall meeting was held at Huntsburg Congregational Church beginning at 10:00 AM.. The meeting was opened by Rev. Bob Barber with worship songs and a message, “The Bell” and “I Know Whom I Am”, concluding with “you may be not who you feel you are; but, you are definitely who God says you are”. I believe everyone in attendance was spiritually encouraged by the message presented by Pastor Bob.

Those in attendance included the following: Rev. Bob Barber, Chuck & Becky Horvath, Joel Bucklin, Steve Carmany, Franklin Shannon, Ed Michaels, Jonathon Arnold, John Hood, Bob Seaver, Mitch Reed, Matt Reed and Harry Knotts (if I left someone out it is because I couldn’t read the name on the registration sheet or didn’t register – forgive me)

David Dake’s father-in-law presented a review of the Matthew 25 project that The First Congregational Church in Lodi is involved with. The project is gaining momentum and has produced very satisfactory results. Anyone seeking more information should contact the First Congregational Church in Lodi directly
The Lilly Foundation for Pastoral Renewal was discussed and the benefits one can receive by applying to the foundation. Pastor Bob Barber expressed the benefits he received as well as Huntsburg Congregational Church, for more information please contact Pastor Bob directly.

A brief discussion about the 4C’s “Lifeflow Crossing” church development team with Steve Carmany contributing his insight.

John Hood discussed his upcoming training in discipleship, 3DM, and what it will mean to him as he continues to serve our Lord and Savior Jesus.

Just prior to the morning session ending, Matt Reed discussed his new venture starting a small fellowship in his house. The group has named their fellowship “Mosaic Church” and would appreciate all of our prayers. Subsequent to the meeting Matt and Harry Knotts met at Grace Chapel and discussed ways in which Grace Chapel could assist Matt and his group with use of the Grace Chapel physical resources.

John Hood closed the morning session with prayer and song.

The staff at Huntsburg Congregational Church then served the group a fabulous lunch that included: Venison Chili, Chicken and Rice soup, ham and turkey sandwiches, homemade coleslaw, fruit plate and pie.

The afternoon business meeting was called to order promptly at 1:00 P.M. by John Hood. The minutes of the last meeting were approved. Matt Reed then gave a brief treasure report that indicated the balance in the account is $2,420, primarily, because of 2 generous $500.00 gifts from 2 churches. John Hood then suggested we might investigate some worthy causes to support. At which point, the group decided to support both Steve and Bob by providing their transportation expense to and from the 4 C’s meeting in Florida. (We forgot to include Dave Kimberly who was also elected to the CCCC Board of Trustees and will include his transportation to and from the winter meeting unless there are objections. Connie Carmany is searching the internet to find the best price.)

Election of officers was then held with no nominations from the floor and the slate as presented was approved. Steve Carmany moved the slate be approved as presented and Bob Barber 2nd the motion. A vote was then taken with no dissenting votes.

The officers are as follows: Moderator, John Hood, Vice Moderator, David Dake, Treasurer, Matt Reed, Secretary, Harry Knotts, Ohio 4C Representative, Bob Barber, Mission Representative, Franklin Shannon.

The Winter banquet plans were formulated, after much discussion about the location, the group is trying to be considerate about everyone’s length of travel. There was a consensus that Malone College would probably be the most central place. Matt Reed was asked to do the research about the cost and to try to reserve February 28th.  As the final details are determined, a posting on the Ohio 4C’s website will be posted.

It was also decided the Spring Meeting would be held at the First Congregational Church in Lodi on May 3rd.

Franklin Shannon made a brief presentation on the mission work he is conducting and the increased problems gaining entrance into Russia. Franklin asked that the group continue to keep him in our prayers.

The meeting was concluded promptly at 2:00 P.M. with prayer and thanks to Pastor Bob Barber and his group for hosting the group.

Respectfully submitted,
Harry Knotts

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