Kralupy Church Ministry

Rot Family

In 1928, pastor Rot and his family moved to Kralupy in order to plant a church. Through much prayer, regular Bible studies and other outreaches, the church saw about 200 people attending Sunday morning worship services by the beginning of WW2.  But due to pastor Rot’s sudden death and the onslaught of the war which was followed by nearly 50 years of communism, the congregation dwindled to about 12 members at the fall of communism in 1989.

In 2000, Karel and Jitka Faber began serving the small congregation and by 2008 they had seen about 12 students come to faith and the church membership increase to 18.  It was at this time that the Griffith’s were finishing their ministry in Prague’s 13th district and began making plans to serve with the Fabers in Kralupy.  However, Karl and Jitka were transferred to a church in eastern Czech Republic and the Griffiths began ministry in partnership with the leadership of the mother church in Prague.

The Griffiths arrived with a desire to establish a healthy reproducing church which could reach the entire region around the city with the Good New of Jesus Christ.  Little to their knowledge, this was the same vision brother Rot had when he began ministry in Kralupy nearly 80 years earlier!

Conversational English Class

In 2010, the Lord opened the doors for Jeff to lead English language clubs in the school where their son Joshua attended.  Later he would be invited to teach conversational English classes at a nearby school in 2013 and a second school in 2014. 2014 was also the year that a team from Corban University came to the Czech Republic to minister in the public schools.  They were originally intending to go to the Ukraine but due to the armed conflict had to change their plans at the last minute.  Since then, Corban University has sent 4 SoS (Summer of Service) teams to partner with the congregation and the number of schools that have been ministered to has grown from 7 to 10!  The partnership has allowed the church to serve in both high schools and all but one middle school in the area providing contact with kids from every town and village close to Kralupy.  Through this ministry a door has been opened to reach the entire Kralupy area.

New Members’ Dedication Service

From the fall of 2015 to the spring of 2017, a group of church members went through church planting training with M4 (Master, Mission, Multiplication, Movement) which has its origins in Norway.  The greatest benefit it provided was the  impetus and structure to work together more effectively as a congregation.  This led to 4 people coming to faith, 3 of whom were baptized and joined the church.  It also led to an increase in Sunday morning attendance with the need to bring in additional seating.


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