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I am excited that the one of the key values of the CCCC is to develop “healthy pastors.” And I am even more excited that the Conference is equipping us to develop “Pastoral Communities” in our local areas. A Pastoral Community is a group of pastors committed to mutual care, prayer, support, and accountability. We walk through the ups, downs, and middles of our lives with each other. It is a healthy place to be.

A group like that goes on now. It actually began on its own a while back with evangelical UCC pastors in the Cleveland area. Many were mentored by then WRA UCC Association minister, Jacob Wagner. While nearly all are now CCCC, we still meet at Jake’s house in Parma monthly (third Thursdays at 10 am and then out to lunch at noon or so). We are intentional about our prayer and care for each other. If you would like to be on the monthly e-mail reminder list, contact David Kimberly.

This spring training took place to initiate and facilitate more Pastoral Communities in Ohio, Pennsylvania and Virginia. Again, every local group will have its own emphasis and identity—the CCCC is simply offering resources for the local group development.

And to be honest, it is not exclusively for CCCC pastors. In my own little niche of Ohio in the Middlefield area, I meet weekly for prayer and support with a group of pastors across denominational and non-denominational lines. We have used some Pastoral Community ideas and the group has a sense of care that has carried quite a few us through some interesting patches of life and ministry.

If you are interested in the Thursday group, let Dave Kimberly or myself know. And be listening as the Holy Spirit may be developing a new group more local to you.

Bob Barber
Pastor, Huntsburg Congregational Church
CCCC Eastern Ohio Area Representative

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